$SNGX is the start gainer for today with highest gain more than 400%

$SNGX is the best stock day traders would love to trade. $SNGX shares started rising premarket moderately (around 50%), and the first 15 minutes after market open, there was a huge dip. But for those who entered at the market open and hold onto it during the dip, the reward is huge. That is, after the first 15 minutes, the shares started skyrocketing all the way to more than 400% with a couple of sizable pullbacks. If you know how to trade, your gain is huge for the day.

The catalyst is the company Soligenix reported interim trial data indicating that its treatment HyBryte shows efficacy in patients who suffered early stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and received the treatment for up to 12 months. Cancer treatments are often strong catalysts.