$GMM is a gainer for the day 04/30/2024

If you betted on $GMM you should have earned some profit now. We noticed this stock when its price surged to 68%. We bought 5000 shares premarket and held it until the return reached 13% (based on the purchase volume) which netted about a $1000 profit after a few minutes of holding the position.

The catalyst, which is that this company Global Mofy Metaverse Limited has some ai business with the ai giant Nvidia Corp, is not strong enough to sustain the momentum and after a short period, the share price plumetted quickly from about 100% gain down to 50% only. $NVDA shares itself dropped 3.8 percent today.

But if you catch the momentum, you would be a winning day trader for today.

Global Mofy Metaverse and Heartdub Leverage NVIDIA Omniverse to develop Generative Video AI Platform GAUSSPEED