$$$ Day trading course available for part-time traders

If you are interested in the trading course, contact support@infoplus.com.

Good news for those who want to start their day trading business. Infoplus now offers the public a complete day trading course which is particularly suitable for part-time traders. This training course unlike maybe most if not all training providers or trading coaches is that it eliminates a few troublesome requirements for a full time traders: 1) NO need of technical analysis or fundamental analysis, 2) NO need to watch your chart so closely or nervously, 3) NO more fear or worry once you get familiar with the trading strategies and your capability of judgement.

The trading strategies for part-time traders should be different from those for full time traders. Full time traders can closely monitor the market with multiple computer screens and they can use hot keys to buy and sell their stocks in split seconds. Part time traders cannot do that. Chances are good that part time traders have to rely on their mobile devices to execute transactions, meaning it would take a much longer time for them to complete a transaction. Using cellphones to trade stocks is a taboo. But with our trading strategies, using cellphones or not does not matter.

Infoplus recognizes the need and have developed a complete suite of strategies for part time traders. This pack of day trading strategies can certainly be used by full time traders as well. The major difference between the strategies for part time traders and full time counterparts is that traders using the strategies do not have to monitor the stocks of interest closely. And the strategies are such that traders do not have to suffer so much mental or emotional distress during their trading activities.

Key techniques employed to complete a trading cycle include 1) identifying the stocks that are tradable for part time traders (for full-time traders as well) 2) determine the loss to win or win to loss ratio and estimate the odds of winning and the odds of losing. 3) managing and reducing the magnitude of the risk of a loss so traders could be in a position to make profits, 4) determining the entry and exit points in price and time.

The part-time day trading strategies do not rely on the technical analysis, nor the corporate fundamental background or analysis. They are about common sense, science, and logic. The strategies include ways to manage traders’ psychology and overcome mental stress such as fear, worry and nervousness which can complicate transactions that would otherwise be a successful one should the mental distress be avoided.

As a benefit, some drawbacks and dangers and traps associated with typical full time day trading strategies will be revealed to our part time trader trainees while our trading strategies are rationalized And presented to our trainees.

The part part day trading course, which can be used by full time traders as well, is not free. Trainees will pay a moderate fee of $586 for a limited time (regular: $1198) which is refundable under certain conditions (Please inquire about the details by contacting us at support at infoplus). This day trading course is well worth this investment. Beginner traders without adequate training can lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and wasted years of time easily. Getting adequate training before contemplating the stock market is a necessity not an option.

Those who are interested please contact us at support @ infoplus.com first and we will decide whether or not we should accept you as our trainees. We could not accept all interested traders. Preferred quality traits include having good education, strong self-discipline, strong decision-making capability, strong will to make a lot of money, and strong stress management capability.

The part time day trading course is delivered through written materials and online video teleconferencing. Other ways of delivery can be considered when requested. Traders can complete the training in no more than three hours. Accepted part time trader trainees need to sign a confidential agreement and a understanding of our refund policy before we could get them the training materials.