AZ admits COVID-19 vaccine side effects, 2 dads suffer brain injuries, claims could reach £100 million

A British gentleman filed a lawsuit against the famous pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (AZ), claiming that he suffered permanent brain damage after receiving the AZ COVID-19 vaccine. AstraZeneca admitted for the first time in court documents in February that its COVID-19 vaccine, in "very rare" cases, can cause a rare condition called Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS). Media outlets pointed out that currently 51 patients in the UK have already requested compensation, and the amount of compensation may be as high as 100 million pounds.

The British "Daily Telegraph" reported that Jamie Scott, a British man with two children, sued AstraZeneca last year (2023), claiming that after receiving the AZ COVID-19 vaccine in April 2021, he suffered blood clots and bleeding in his brain, causing him to be unable to work. During his hospitalization, the hospital issued critical illness notices three times. Now he is determined to have permanent brain damage.


AstraZeneca rejected Scott's accusations, but admitted in a lawsuit filed in February this year that the AZ covid vaccine "can cause rare blood clots and low platelet syndrome in very rare cases."

At present, at least 51 patients in the UK have filed lawsuits to the High Court, and the amount of compensation being sought reaches about 100 million pounds.

The report pointed out that if AstraZeneca admits that the covid vaccine caused serious illness or death, it may get the company in a position to be forced to pay compensation.

According to the Daily Telegraph, AstraZeneca admitted in the lawsuit that its vaccine caused rare side effects, which was actually a "about-face" because AstraZeneca only responded to Scott last year: "We do not accept the general situation Thrombosis and low platelet syndrome is caused by vaccines."


In the lawsuit filed by AstraZeneca in February this year, the company admitted that in very rare cases, the AZ vaccine can induce TTS, but also stated that the causal mechanism is not yet clear. It even pointed out that TTS may also occur without the AZ vaccine. In the case of vaccines, it is emphasized that experts need to prove causality in any case.

In response to the report, AstraZeneca responded that patient safety is the top priority. judging from clinical trials and real-world data, the safety of the AZ vaccine continues to be accepted, and regulatory agencies in various countries agree that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the rare potential risk of side effects.

AstraZeneca also did not admit the "Daily Telegraph"'s statement that the attitude had changed drastically, emphasizing that when the company updated its vaccine information in April 2021, it had disclosed that the AZ vaccine "may induce TTS in very rare cases." ”.

According to data from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), at least 81 people in the UK are suspected of dying from adverse side effects caused by low blood platelets leading to blood clots, accounting for 1/5 of the deaths.